Sunday, March 7, 2010

Men on Bikes

Do you ever get waved at by people that you don't know? This has been happening to me lately... Like today, I was walking back to my house, and a boy on a bike waved at me from across the road and said something that sounded like "Hey, Jorge!" Yep, that's what it sounded like. Maybe that's what he actually said, but I guess I'll never know.

In response, I gave him a weird, eyebrow-raise smile.

I looked awkward.

Also today, I was sitting at my desk (which is right in front of the windows) watching a man peddle his bike down our impossibly pot-holed street.

"Where on earth is that man going?" thought I, "this is road doesn't go anywhere except to our house."

That's where he was going. Our house (it's strange to be sitting right in front of my bedroom window and watch people walk up the stairs to come and knock on the door. I mean, they can obviously see me sitting there. I can see them. I feel like we should wave at each other or smile or something.)

So this crazy-looking biker man reached our front door to ask me if "Katie Wendell (Walker? Wilson?) lived there. I said no (because she doesn't), and then he left, and I locked the dead bolt.


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