Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zombies and Love

Halloween is coming. Again. As usual. I have a costume which I (and others) have spent a semi-ridiculous amount of money on, and I am literally going to wear it every chance that I get for the next two months.

Halloween makes me think of crushing on people and/or being crushed on, because this one time I was in a zombie play around Halloween time. And there was this boy in it. And we had to KISS. So ever since then, zombies have made me think of teen romance. And N. Ireland romance. Pretty much, zombies=love.

I'm not going to be a zombie, but still.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cosmo knows Its Stuff

Our house if full of magazines, ranging from trashy, to pseudo-trashy, to not trashy at all. Our house is also freezing, as an unrelated sidenote, and usually smells like cookies or waffles or homemade chicken.

So anyway, I was reading the November 2009 "Cosmo," and I learned that the best way to get a person to like you is to use their name repeatedly. Interesting... (I also finally learned who Kim Kardashian actually is/why she is famous. Because I have really been wondering for the past year.)

And then I thought, "Hey! That is TRUE." And I thought about all the people that I know and whether or not I use their names a lot. Some yes, some no. And then I thought about people who use my name and realized that I'M SURE it's because they want me to like them. And then I thought about people who's names I don't know but probably should by this point. Like almost everyone who works in the library who is not a student. There are at least five older/middle-aged women who work here, who all have names like "Pat" or "Deb," and I still do not to this day, know who any of them are. I obviously recognize that they are different people, but I don't know which names go with which ladies or what any of their jobs are.

BAD. That is bad.

And then I thought about this other person that works in the library with me (student) who I have been indtroduced to, oh let's say, ten times. He has literally asked me my name at least ten times. And everytime he asks my name again, I want to punch him in the nose, and yell, "Let's at least pretend that you know my name!"

But I don't.

And then I thought of this other library worker whose name I use all the time. All the TiMeee.

We are friends.

Friday, October 8, 2010

That Bothers Me but Probably Shouldn't

Bother #1-

The Whitworth Libary uses that Library of Congress shelving system. That means that different genres of book are given different alphabetical codes. For example, most literature is in the "PS" section. I enjoy shelving the PS section. I do not enjoy shelving the BS section(theology) and here's why:

Okay, let's break this down. Theologoy majors study Jesus, right? Others things too, I'm sure, but definitely Jesus. Jesus is all about loving your neighbor, and let's say (for arguments sake) that "neighbor"="everyone. Including me, the Library Circulation Desk employee whose job it is to shelve books after people turn them in. Well, theology majors, I'm pretty sure that Jesus would not leave books ALL OVER THE SHELVES. ALL THE TIME. I'm pretty sure. But don't quote me on that.