Monday, January 23, 2012

What Up, D.M.

I met a man who is starting up a band, and Imma be in it! We have played together two times, and it is purettty fun. It's the second (and third) time that I have ever played my bass with someone else in the room, and it feels pretty damn awesome. I also get to sing things! In a mike!

This is great. I, literally, cannot wait for us to play a show. It's going to happen for realz! Also, this guy has a really cool dog who is big and muscley and seems to like me a lot.

Before practice number 2, I took a baby vacation to Spokane for my friend's birthday/party, and it also was purettty fun. But now, I am re-sadded that I am not in Spokane, having fun with fun people. But it will be okay. It is okay. Cause I'm in a band. And right before THAT, I got asked out at work! Which was very flattering, but became a little bit uncomfortable when he told me that he was 37 years old. Needless to say, we did not actually go on that date.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Here's A Thing

I've already decided that if/when I have a horrible, unfair break-up where I find out that my boyfriend is cheating on me, I will not get even with him. I will not get revenge. I will not rant and rave.

Instead, I will become famous. Because Famous is the best revenge.

And Segue: Whenever I get disappointed by some guy, my immediate reaction is to go find some other positive male attention as quickly as possible.

Which leads me to this thing. I wrote an ad and put it on Craigslist. Here it is:

I bought a bass for $100, and I have been playing it for a grand total of 1 year, and I would like to play in your band.

I can read tabs and play them slowly. I can also play all open strings with proficiency and a tiny bit of speed. I have mad bass skillz.

But seriously.

I can also sing quite a bit better than I can bass-play, and I have bangs. I would be totally happy to send you a tasteful, fully-clothed picture of myself if you are into that kind of thing, because I wanna be in your band.

Unless Nirvana is one of your influences, cause in that case I don't want to be in your band at all. I'm cool with everyone else, though.

So that was a week ago, and since then I have gotten four responses from metal bands, two responses from men who want to give me bass lessons for FREE, and I have met with one actual guy who wants to put me in a legit band. Maybe I will be in a band? If that happens, it will be everything that I have ever wanted.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Best Feeling in the World having clean sheets, clean pajamas, and clean hair all at the same time. staying up till 2 am because you don't have to get up for work the next morning. going to bed at 9:30 because you don't have to work the next morning. sitting in front of a fire. looking forward to something good for at least a day before it actually happens. having a pre-teen think that you are cool. being a regular somewhere. having someone remember details about you. eating when you're really hungry. someone that you like rubbing your back. going to the post office and sending something in the mail. having your mom bring you ice water even though you are perfectly capable of getting it yourself.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clues That I am Almost Grown-up (Be sure to pay special attention to the capitalization)

I filled CAR up with gas bought with my own MONEY------I am almost grown-up.

I cried at WORK ------- I am almost grown-up.

I got home at 4:30 in the morning, and MY MOM was NOT awake and waiting for me------ I almost grown-up.

I have a thumb-sized bruise on my leg------- I am almost .... I....wait, nevermind.

I wear the same PERFUME everyday-------I am almost a grown-up.

I have different MUSICAL TASTES than my older sister------I am almost a grown-up.

I whim-pierced my nose cause I had a DAY OFF------I am almost grown-up.

I have alcohol PREFERENCES-------I am almost grown-up.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sister of the Road

This place is pretty cool. I used to be kind of afraid of homeless people and old men and anyone who smelled strongly human. I've volunteered there for 5ish months, and now-I'm pleased to say- those statements are less true than they used to be. Yeah, they are still true, but less so.

So far this year, I have met a Pika, Angel, Endeavor, Jack Rabbit, and a Stevie J. I've been asked to go to a pow-wow, and I've been asked about 2o times if I have a boyfriend. I say that I do to keep things simple.

I like Sisters of the Road because it stretches the sides and punches holes in my box.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Post #3

This is the third blog post of the month. That hasn't happened since May. In order to make that happen, I am writing this post.

I got up at 4:15 am on Tuesday morning, and then I worked for 7 hours. Then I went home and sat in a daze until 5:30 pm. Then I worked for 5 more hours. In the time in between, I bought the best wolf sweatshirt that the world has ever seen. I found it in the Mens Sweater section at Buffalo on Burnside. When I went to work for the second time, I literally told every person about my new wolf sweater; I was that excited about it. And then, the second that I got off work for the second time, I got the sweater out of my purse and paraded it around Andina, showing it to everyone that was still working.

It looks a little like this, but 80,000 times awesomer.

I wore it to the bakery on Wednesday, and it was a hit. I was delighted. Someone took a picture of it on their phone. My friend Lauren who works at Andina came in with her Australian boyfriend, and they were pretty delighted to see the wolf sweater.

I am wearing it right now while I am writing about it. I just got some free coffee at World Cup cause I filled in all 12 punches on my punch card, and I am pretty caffeinated.

I started all three grad school applications.

I love coffee, and grad school applications, and Grooveshark, but most of all, I love my wolf sweater.

Monday, October 10, 2011


This car looks like my car, but isn't actually my actual car. But since yesterday, I have owned a car that looks just like this but dirtier and with more stickers on it.

I named it Rufio.

It cost me $200.

I want to take a roadtrip in it-maybe to Spokane.

It smells like a Volvo.

It has a little zombie hanging from the reaview mirror.

It has spy-like seatbelts.

It is mine.