Monday, May 31, 2010

Fantasy Christmas List

Let's pretend that something magical has happened. Instead of Christmas falling on December 25th, it is now on June 1. Which would make today... Christmas! Woohoo! Christmas Magic! Let's also pretend that instead of Santa bringing elf-made toys to small children, he brings happy circumstances and exciting happenings to adults (or, kind-of-adults). Alright. That's now the case.

This means that it is time for a Christmas list! Actually, way past time, since today is, technically, already Christmas. But Santa is jolly and loveable and not-picky about punctuality, so he won't mind that my list is late.

Christmas List (in no particular order)

-Better Weather
This weather is pretty bad. Seriously, pretty bad. I don't know what else to say about it. So my Christmas wish is that it will start being beautiful and sunny, so that I will have motivation to do something productive and energizing as a direct result of the weather.

-Hang-Outable, Home-from school, not-busy Friends
Come on Public Schools! Be done! You can do it! Because although I love my parents, and I think that they are great, and we have fun times, I can only spend so much time with them before I feel like screaming and throwing pillows and kicking things. This is not their fault.

Okay, okay. Male Attention. Yes, I said it. Specifically... actually, no. Never mind.

-Intelligent Outlet
I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that my IQ has dropped 20 points in the past two weeks. "Sex and the City" will do that to you. I'm trying to counter it by watching Academy Award nominated films, but I don't think it's working... So, dear Santa, please bring me someone intelligent who wants to discuss Kant. Or anyone, really. It doesn't have to be Kant. I'm not picky.

-Exciting Thing
This is a broad wish. This exciting thing could be anything! Maybe like a hot air balloon ride. Or a chance meeting with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Or, ANTHING that could possibly be interesting, unusual, or out of the norm. Because if something interesting doesn't happen (soon), I'm going to go insane. Yep, I am . Not an exaggeration.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


At Downtown Stumptown:
It's Rose Festival time. There are people walking by. Specifically, there are little black girls holding giant, purple inflatable hammers, and babies, and lots and lots of couples. Most of the couples are holding pink Voodoo Donut boxes.

Two such couples are seated outside of Stumptown, one set in front of each window. Each at a black metal table with a "Please, No Smoking" plaque. Each with a donut box.

One couple is Asian. They have four donuts in their donut box: two bacon maple bars, a Blood-Filled Voodoo, and something with Cocoa Puffs and peanut butter on it.

The man takes a picture of the woman, as she smiles and holds up the pink box. The woman takes a picture of the man, as she smiles and holds up the pink box. They take out a bacon maple bar. Just one, not two. The man takes a picture of the women biting into it. The woman takes a picture of the man biting into it. Back and forth, back and forth.

They share the same donut, one bite each. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

One donut down.

Out comes the Blood-Filled Voodoo. Man holds it: picture. Woman holds it: picture. One of its arms is dangling off. That is the first part eaten.

Before they have a chance to keep eating the donut man, Couple #2 (Not Asian) comes over. A conversation is held, most likely along the lines of, "Matching donuts!"

Couple #2 (Not Asian) sure likes to talk. If he were an animal, he would be a greyhound. She would be a rabbit.

The Donut Man (now down one arm) rests on the pink box.

Couple #2 (Not Asian) talks and talks and talks.

The picture takers nod politely. They smile. They nod. All that they really want to do is eat their donut, before his orange-frosting eyes begin to melt into his chocolate-frosting body.

Finally, FINALLY, Couple #2 (Not Asian) leaves with backwards smiles.

The picture takers look at each other. The woman picks up the donut; the man picks up the camera. Bite: picture. Etc, etc.. etc.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here's What's Happening...

The other day, Jesca and I were talking about writing blogs (Golly, we're so HIP), and I was like "I only write on mine when I don't have enough to do" and she was like "Me too!"

So the moral of that story is that I currently do not have enough to do. The last month of school was spent in productivity and awesomeness; the last two weeks have been spent in non-productivity and awesomeness. The entire purpose of this entry is to talk about how non-productive I have been. SO here it goes:

-Yesterday, I sat in the red armchair in the living room and watched "Sex and the City" for six hours. "Sex and the City" is a completely mindless, fluffy, shallow show, which I happen to enjoy a lot. I've lately realized that being indie and artsy and deep is highly overrated.

-I took the bus downtown and walked around. I went to St. Honore and got a latte and a bag of delicious sugary egg puffs, and I sat and read a book. Then I wandered in Powells, bought books that were on sale, and got complimented on my outfit by the homeless girl on Burnside. All in all, a good day.

-I ate at least one meal out every single day last week. Consequently, I spent a big chunk of money. But I had fun with people, so I don't feel bad, and I got paid today, so things are excellent.

-Made a dinner for my parents and did the dishes. I have no car, and they have two cars, so we have a deal: I make dinner three nights a week and do the dishes, and I can use the car whenever I want and do not have to pay for gas. This is good because a.) I have spent lots of money (as previously stated..) and b.) Cooking gives me something to do that is not "Sex and the City."

-Read books. Generally, I try to go halfsies in my reading; half of the books are purely for entertainments, while the other half is of the mind-improving, literary sort. My balance has been pretty good so far.

Other things have also happened, but I don't feel like writing about them. So I won't.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Real Point

You know what's awkward? When someone walks right behind you for a semi-long period of time. Whenever this happens to me, I always: a. speed up or b. cross to the other side of the road. Because otherwise it's just WEIRD. That person has no earthly reason to be walking directly behind you. It seems like common courtesy for them to slow down or something. It's like when you're in a completely empty public bathroom. Completely empty. And someone comes in, and they go into the stall right next to you. RIGHT next to you. Out of the twenty odd stalls, why must they pick the one that makes things awkward?

Today I walked to Multnomah (in between rainstorms) and did some stuff and drank some coffee. I drank coffee for a long time, because the refills were free, and there was a minor monsoon going on. But finally, it stopped

I left.

On the way back home, I started inadvertantly following this guy. He was walking, and I was walking, and we were going exactly the same way, even though there are probably fifteen different routes through Gabriel Park that we could have been taking. But I had a way in mind. An he obviously had the same way in mind.

The result: I walked the entire way back behind this man. Maybe about twenty feet behind him, but still. Obviously following.

I hate it when I am the one that makes things awkward.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Night

For the first time ever, I like college. A lot. Maybe it happened four semesters too late, but still... it happened.

After I came back from Ireland, Mums tried to pep me up into thinking that this was going to be my best semester ever, and that everything was going to be different and great and fantastic, and that I wouldn't spend three months of the year being depressed because it was snowing in the middle of April.

I mildly believed this would be so. Because last spring semester was soooo depressing, that really, this spring had to be better, because if it wasn't, I would probably be forced to throw myself off of a tall building, just to make things interesting. I didn't want to do that at all. Not even a tiny bit.

So, here I am on, on the second to the last night of school, making a list of some reasons (in no particular order) why this semester was really, really, really awesome.

Ummmm.... yeah, so, uh, here it is:

- A Friend (or several)
Yes, I have a friend. I'm not going to say who it is, because I prefer to keep this blog impersonal and weird, but it is true. I have a friend. Actually, several. Wow! This is much more exciting than it sounds when I write it here.

-Opportunities to Dress Up
In an elf/wood nymph/Great Fairy of Power from "Zelda: Ocarina of Time" costume (made from scratch! Obviously...) In a crazyily sequined, lime green, ex-show-choir-turned dance dress. In my Junior Prom dress.

Is Awesome.

-Super Comm. Classes
With the exception of Organizational Comm. (Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!), they were more fun that any other classes that I have taken at school. For many reasons...

-Emi Time
Emi! I'm writing about you in my blog! Because I know that you read it, and because I love you, and I think you are the coolest, ever. And because you visited my in Spokane, and it was SUPES FUN.

-Being Told That I Look Like Zooey Deschanel More Than Once
Maybe? I'm just going to pretend that this is true.