Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sister of the Road

This place is pretty cool. I used to be kind of afraid of homeless people and old men and anyone who smelled strongly human. I've volunteered there for 5ish months, and now-I'm pleased to say- those statements are less true than they used to be. Yeah, they are still true, but less so.

So far this year, I have met a Pika, Angel, Endeavor, Jack Rabbit, and a Stevie J. I've been asked to go to a pow-wow, and I've been asked about 2o times if I have a boyfriend. I say that I do to keep things simple.

I like Sisters of the Road because it stretches the sides and punches holes in my box.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Post #3

This is the third blog post of the month. That hasn't happened since May. In order to make that happen, I am writing this post.

I got up at 4:15 am on Tuesday morning, and then I worked for 7 hours. Then I went home and sat in a daze until 5:30 pm. Then I worked for 5 more hours. In the time in between, I bought the best wolf sweatshirt that the world has ever seen. I found it in the Mens Sweater section at Buffalo on Burnside. When I went to work for the second time, I literally told every person about my new wolf sweater; I was that excited about it. And then, the second that I got off work for the second time, I got the sweater out of my purse and paraded it around Andina, showing it to everyone that was still working.

It looks a little like this, but 80,000 times awesomer.

I wore it to the bakery on Wednesday, and it was a hit. I was delighted. Someone took a picture of it on their phone. My friend Lauren who works at Andina came in with her Australian boyfriend, and they were pretty delighted to see the wolf sweater.

I am wearing it right now while I am writing about it. I just got some free coffee at World Cup cause I filled in all 12 punches on my punch card, and I am pretty caffeinated.

I started all three grad school applications.

I love coffee, and grad school applications, and Grooveshark, but most of all, I love my wolf sweater.

Monday, October 10, 2011


This car looks like my car, but isn't actually my actual car. But since yesterday, I have owned a car that looks just like this but dirtier and with more stickers on it.

I named it Rufio.

It cost me $200.

I want to take a roadtrip in it-maybe to Spokane.

It smells like a Volvo.

It has a little zombie hanging from the reaview mirror.

It has spy-like seatbelts.

It is mine.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I have another job! A 40 HOUR a week job/I will be making real-person money job! This is very exciting because a.) I just bought a car, and I need to pay for gas and things and b.) I can now afford to go to France and c.) Even save money for the grad school which I fully intend on going to. Yay, Job! Way to save the day!

I also get to work in one of my favorite places ever. Ever ever. It is the home of dollar-fifty coffee and the all-time best bread pudding in the world. I can walk there ever single day if I want to. Or if it is raining too hard, I can drive my old-new $200 car that looks like a flat, grey shoebox. It is acceptable for me to wear my oversized baseball shirt and my gold Top-Siders every day at my new job.

Everyone seems pretty nice and adorable. There is one girl at the counter who literally looks like an angel; her hair is white-blonde and so are her eyebrows, and Jesca and I have affectionately dubbed her "Angel Head." I'm pretty sure that Angel Head and I are going to be good friends. It is warm inside, and it always smells like delicious things cooking. Because there are delicious things cooking ALL THE TIME. Tomorrow, I am going in for my second time as an employee and washing dishes for eight hours. I think it will be super.

Oh, and today I watched these DVDs about how to steam milk and make espresso, and the man who makes them is super silly looking. Here he is. See for yourself.