Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weird Things

You know when something weird happens? And half of you is like, "what just happened?" and the other half of you is like, "I need to go tell someone about this right now, because it was SO WEIRD."


That happens to me a lot.

That's probably why I have this blog. Because now when weird things happen, I can write about them, just in case there isn't anyone around to tell.

Ideally, there would always be someone with me who completely understood my sense of humor and who could appreciate the exact same weird situations that I do. But that doesn't usually happen. Sometimes it does, though! Like on Wednesday, I was leaving choir with my friend, and we saw this trash can shaking back and forth. Shaking, yes that's right. Shaking. And then... A squirrel leaped (leaped!) from the trash can clutching a piece of half eaten pizza in its squirrel jaw! And it was terrifying. We laughed for three minutes straight.

Other times, there is no one around. So I write about it. Or, I don't write about it. Things are weird lately.

1 comment:

  1. I once saw a squirrel with an entire maple donut in its mouth. Also, weird.