Friday, June 10, 2011

Imma Tell You Something Cool

This is possibly the best thing that has happened in the past three-ish weeks:

The week that I got home, I checked Craigslist everyday for restaurant jobs (and to see whether I had gotten a missed connection and/or if anyone was requiring an amateur, female bass player), and I saw an awesome one for this late-night restaurant called The Gilt Club. It's apparently a pretty prestigious restaurant, but I didn't know that then.

I checked out their website, and it was super-cool-funny. Look at it. LOOK HOW FUNNY:

(Keep scrolling down; it just gets better)

Anyway, I though, "I could work here! I don't have the experience, but I wanna work here real bad!"

So I sat down with my sister and wrote a resume and a kick-ass cover letter. This picture was included and referenced in the letter with the description "please note: I am not the unicorn":
And then I went merrily to the restaurant and turned it all in.

I didn't expect to get hired or interviewed because apparently, Ali has a friend that has been applying their for 8 years and still hasn't been hired. No big deal.

So yesterday night, I got home from work, and I saw that I had gotten a letter from the Gilt Club. It was a form rejection letter that said that they had received over 200 applications in 3 days, so I shouldn't feel bad that they didn't hire me. But, but, my letter also had a personal note which read (word for word) *ahem*

Your photo was awesome! We seriously considered interviewing you but sadly wanted someone with more experience. But, because you are so rad if you come and sit at the bar and say, "please note: I am not the unicorn" we'll buy you a drink.

And then I felt awesome and was so excited that I called my sister (and then kept calling till she answered) and read that note to her.

And that is the most exciting thing that I have to say about being back home.

I miss college.

But anyway, the moral of this story is: never be afraid to dress up like a Fairy of Power from Zelda, because someday you might be able to send it to a restaurant with your application, and even though they won't hire you, they might think that you are cool and give you something for free.

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