Monday, January 23, 2012

What Up, D.M.

I met a man who is starting up a band, and Imma be in it! We have played together two times, and it is purettty fun. It's the second (and third) time that I have ever played my bass with someone else in the room, and it feels pretty damn awesome. I also get to sing things! In a mike!

This is great. I, literally, cannot wait for us to play a show. It's going to happen for realz! Also, this guy has a really cool dog who is big and muscley and seems to like me a lot.

Before practice number 2, I took a baby vacation to Spokane for my friend's birthday/party, and it also was purettty fun. But now, I am re-sadded that I am not in Spokane, having fun with fun people. But it will be okay. It is okay. Cause I'm in a band. And right before THAT, I got asked out at work! Which was very flattering, but became a little bit uncomfortable when he told me that he was 37 years old. Needless to say, we did not actually go on that date.

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