Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fail Blog

This is a rant. I need to write it down, otherwise I am going to keep talking about it to anyone who stands still long enough to listen to me. And that is definitely not a good way to make friends. Because it's annoying as hell.

Once upon a time, I started my senior year of college, and it was great. I was in the musical. I had some friends. Good.

While being in the musical, I didn't pay attention to anything that was happening in any class that I was taking, and I LIKED it that way. It was lovely bliss.

Now the musical is over, and I have no choice but to pay attention, and this is what I now know:

I Fail.

I literally have no idea what is happening in any class that I am taking. All that I know is that I hate my Cryptography D-Group more than I thought was physically, emotionally, and spiritually possible, and that Comm. Ethics is the first comm. class that I have been at a total loss in. I literally feel like the stupidest person in the world on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I am actually not stupid, though. I think I am a sort of smart most of the time.

But at the same time, even while I am totally failing to complete anything on time or remotely well, I DON'T CARE. I don't.

I would much rather spend my time reading Harry Potter 7, and going to trivia, and carving pumpkins with my housemates, and making epic-ly good chili and going to Sharis late at night with Emily.

But still, I fail.


  1. You win at writing entertaining blogs and being sexy!

  2. Dear MK,
    I SUCK at Calculus! Don't worry I'm sure you are doing better in those classes than I am doing in Calc... in fact I'm sure you are!
    p.s. I have a Halloween card for you and I am going to send it! (finally)

  3. Dear E.L.,
    I love that you have a silly picture that shows up when you comment on my blogs and I cannot wait for my perfectly-on-time Halloween card!