Sunday, November 21, 2010

Something Wonderful

Here's something about Spokane: It's weird. It has weird places in it, places that you look at in total bemusement because they're just so odd. But wonderful. Odd and wonderful both.

Example: Ceragem (not sir-ag-emm. Sarah-gem)

Basic Premise: Thermal bed store

Reason For Weirdness: Too many to count... But let's try anyway.

Where to start? Hmmm... well... hmmm. Okay. I think that best description would be that Ceragem is like a 70's infomercial brought to life.

Let's unpack that.

First of all, it's on Division. Second of all, it is run by a Middle-Eastern European/Swedish/Lithuanian couple who are incredibly friendly. Third of all, this is what you do at Ceragem: you lay on this massaging bed thing for fifteen minutes while you listen to a testimonial video about Ceragem has changed people's lives. The bed looks like this, except that they put crackly, doctor's office paper on top of it to keep things sanitary. Like THIS:
As an added bonus, Ceragem has inspirational quotes painted in pastel blue letters on the walls. They also have a Swedish grandfather clock painted on the wall, but the face of the clock is not painted. IT'S REAL.(Swedish Grandfather Clock. Not painted)

Besides being almost literally the weirdest place ever, Ceragem delivers a great, free massage

Sometimes I love Spokane so much that I just want to give it a big, condescending hug.

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  1. A few years ago Ceragem almost went out of business and the family that owns it had people sign a petition to keep it in business. It was the sweetest thing. Spokane IS weird, and I love it.