Sunday, January 30, 2011


Working five hours a week at minimum wage doesn't really work out so well anymore. Before I became a real person (i.e. turned 21), it was fine because there was nowhere to go in Spokane, and (more importantly) I had no one to go with. Because I was antisocial and minorly depressed. But anyway, moving on, $75 bi-weekly is NOT ENOUGH.

I chose to deal with this problem by being harassing the sushi restaurant across the street until they gave me a job. It worked surprisingly well.


Although I am not Japanese, and I have never worked in a restaurant. But I do have a bangs. So there was at least one point in my favor.

Point Being: I have a job, and I make tips! Legally!

Seriously, though, I like it a lot, and it is full of people that I don't know very well yet, and I like that. And sometimes I get free sushi, and/or get bi-lingually hit on by the Chinese sushi chef.

I have also been asked to join a band and play my bass. Bass= +3 points.

Related: Have you ever been convinced that someone is gay, and then once you are around them for a length of time, you find out that they are not? It is disconcerting. First impressions= -5 points.


  1. Dear MK,
    SUSHI JOB!!! O yeah! That sounds super cool! YUMMMMMM.
    Miss you friend!
    Love, EL

  2. Especially disconcerting if you pride yourself on having finely-tuned gay-dar.

  3. Also you have a super sexy restaurant designer (pro)! Who is married (con).

  4. Bangs increase Asian-ness by %5. Always.