Friday, October 7, 2011


I have another job! A 40 HOUR a week job/I will be making real-person money job! This is very exciting because a.) I just bought a car, and I need to pay for gas and things and b.) I can now afford to go to France and c.) Even save money for the grad school which I fully intend on going to. Yay, Job! Way to save the day!

I also get to work in one of my favorite places ever. Ever ever. It is the home of dollar-fifty coffee and the all-time best bread pudding in the world. I can walk there ever single day if I want to. Or if it is raining too hard, I can drive my old-new $200 car that looks like a flat, grey shoebox. It is acceptable for me to wear my oversized baseball shirt and my gold Top-Siders every day at my new job.

Everyone seems pretty nice and adorable. There is one girl at the counter who literally looks like an angel; her hair is white-blonde and so are her eyebrows, and Jesca and I have affectionately dubbed her "Angel Head." I'm pretty sure that Angel Head and I are going to be good friends. It is warm inside, and it always smells like delicious things cooking. Because there are delicious things cooking ALL THE TIME. Tomorrow, I am going in for my second time as an employee and washing dishes for eight hours. I think it will be super.

Oh, and today I watched these DVDs about how to steam milk and make espresso, and the man who makes them is super silly looking. Here he is. See for yourself.

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