Monday, January 11, 2010


Few things are sadder than the end of Christmas. Usually, I pick up with my life and move on when the season ends, but this year I am still in mourning for it. Maybe because it was extra good or maybe just because the build-up lasted so much longer this year (since Christmas starts on November 1st in Ireland.) North Spokane-ites have not lost their festive Spirit, however, as a good number of them still have their house lights, animatronic reindeer, and light-up, life-seized plastic Santa displayed proudly on their front lawns. I was walking to Target the other day down Hawthorne (an exceptionally ugly street), and I actually got a little pang of sadness when I saw a house that was still decorated for Christmas.

"Come back, come back!" I said to Christmas as I walked by.

Perhaps next year, I will ask Santa to extend Christmas through January. Because seriously, January needs a good dose of Christmas. In fact, February and March could use a dose too. Why is it that the best holiday of the year is over at the beginning of the most depressing season?

Here is what I shall do: I have hereby invented a holiday that will fall in February (right in the middle of the glumness), and it will be an antidote to all things unexciting, cold, and dreary. This holiday will involve the consumption of something delicious and comforting (like bread pudding! And mararoni and cheese! And sausages...) and will also have some alcohol (because it's winter. Enough said), and all that wish to partake will make merry all the day! And night! And it will probably involve gifts (handmade, of course) that have been hidden about the house and can only be found by following clues made by the gift-giver. Fabulous! And it will be called Paroomba Day!

If anyone would like to join me in celebration of this festive event, please let me know. The date is negotiable. 'Twill be a jolly time, a jolly time indeed!

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