Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spokane and Why It Is Not Depressing

Things to Like About Spokane:

1. "The Inlander"
This is the Inland Northwest's solution to an indie newspaper. Portland has the "Willamette Week" and the "Portland Mercury," and Spokane has "The Inlander." Hehehehe... It comes out every Thursday, and every Thursday (or Friday), I read it with glee. Besides containing continual references to being hungover (because being hungover is hip and trendy), it has the best Personals section ever. Ever, ever, ever. Some of them are downright poetic.
2. Cheap Public Transport
It's cheap. It also only comes about once an hour (or less), but it's cheap. Here's something odd about Spokane buses: people talk to each other on them. Not just the people that already know each other, but everybody. Unusual... I think that I have been engaged in conversation everytime that I've ever ridden the bus here. It's sort of nice.
3. Free New York Times
It's free! Awesome! Not in all of Spokane (obviously) but on campus. And it has a great Dining section on Wednesdays!
4. "Benny and Joon"
A jollly movie about a girl with some mental problems and a young man who wears fun, Charlie Chaplin-esque clothes who fall in love with each other. Featuring young Johnny Depp and the fair city of Spokane.
5. Bakeries You Can Walk To
There are at least three within two miles of campus. All of them are eminently sit-able (as in, they make you want to sit in them and watch people and eat your delicious coffee cake and read the a book.) Also, one of them makes a pastry called a "cheese cloud."


  1. I get free New York Times in Ashland too!!!

  2. mmm ... bakeries. i'm glad you ride the bus.

  3. I like that you said that being hung-over is hip and trendy. That's funny. Let's not be hip and trendy when I come to visit.