Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Can't Do That

One of my goals over Jan Term was to become a singer-songwriter. It was only a semi-joke. I figured that I would need something to keep me occupied an un-depressed ( and it would be a cool way to introduce myself. I could say, "Hi! I'm Megan. I'm kind of a singer/songwriter Just getting started. You know). The fact that I play the piano only a very little and have never written a song in my life failed to deter me.

I wrote approximately seven measures of a song before realizing that I this dream is probably not going to pan out. Playing the piano is not as easy as it looks.

Free concerts are the best. Whitworth has a lot of them. and last year, I decided that I would start to going to them all. Because they're there. And free! I like hearing new music in non-intense environments, as opposed to big scary concert venues full of super-intense, dedicated fans who sing along with the band. I hate that.

So, singer-songwriters=Great. Tonight, I saw two of them, and wanted to be friends with both, because they just looked so cool and happy to be themselves.

One of them looked like baby bird wind-up toy while she played the piano (in a good way! Definitely a good way), and her music sounded like a mixture of Bach, Joanna Newsom, and circus music.

The other had a low, warm and lovely alto, and she sang a song to her sister, who was in the audience selling her CDs.

And it was great and full of people watching them play their keyboard and sing their songs.

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  1. This sounds magnificent! But I'm sad you gave up your dream.