Sunday, May 30, 2010


At Downtown Stumptown:
It's Rose Festival time. There are people walking by. Specifically, there are little black girls holding giant, purple inflatable hammers, and babies, and lots and lots of couples. Most of the couples are holding pink Voodoo Donut boxes.

Two such couples are seated outside of Stumptown, one set in front of each window. Each at a black metal table with a "Please, No Smoking" plaque. Each with a donut box.

One couple is Asian. They have four donuts in their donut box: two bacon maple bars, a Blood-Filled Voodoo, and something with Cocoa Puffs and peanut butter on it.

The man takes a picture of the woman, as she smiles and holds up the pink box. The woman takes a picture of the man, as she smiles and holds up the pink box. They take out a bacon maple bar. Just one, not two. The man takes a picture of the women biting into it. The woman takes a picture of the man biting into it. Back and forth, back and forth.

They share the same donut, one bite each. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

One donut down.

Out comes the Blood-Filled Voodoo. Man holds it: picture. Woman holds it: picture. One of its arms is dangling off. That is the first part eaten.

Before they have a chance to keep eating the donut man, Couple #2 (Not Asian) comes over. A conversation is held, most likely along the lines of, "Matching donuts!"

Couple #2 (Not Asian) sure likes to talk. If he were an animal, he would be a greyhound. She would be a rabbit.

The Donut Man (now down one arm) rests on the pink box.

Couple #2 (Not Asian) talks and talks and talks.

The picture takers nod politely. They smile. They nod. All that they really want to do is eat their donut, before his orange-frosting eyes begin to melt into his chocolate-frosting body.

Finally, FINALLY, Couple #2 (Not Asian) leaves with backwards smiles.

The picture takers look at each other. The woman picks up the donut; the man picks up the camera. Bite: picture. Etc, etc.. etc.


  1. Ha ha! Such a riveting activity!

  2. Paul Klee has inspired many painters, including myself. As suche he deserves a great thank you.