Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Night

For the first time ever, I like college. A lot. Maybe it happened four semesters too late, but still... it happened.

After I came back from Ireland, Mums tried to pep me up into thinking that this was going to be my best semester ever, and that everything was going to be different and great and fantastic, and that I wouldn't spend three months of the year being depressed because it was snowing in the middle of April.

I mildly believed this would be so. Because last spring semester was soooo depressing, that really, this spring had to be better, because if it wasn't, I would probably be forced to throw myself off of a tall building, just to make things interesting. I didn't want to do that at all. Not even a tiny bit.

So, here I am on, on the second to the last night of school, making a list of some reasons (in no particular order) why this semester was really, really, really awesome.

Ummmm.... yeah, so, uh, here it is:

- A Friend (or several)
Yes, I have a friend. I'm not going to say who it is, because I prefer to keep this blog impersonal and weird, but it is true. I have a friend. Actually, several. Wow! This is much more exciting than it sounds when I write it here.

-Opportunities to Dress Up
In an elf/wood nymph/Great Fairy of Power from "Zelda: Ocarina of Time" costume (made from scratch! Obviously...) In a crazyily sequined, lime green, ex-show-choir-turned dance dress. In my Junior Prom dress.

Is Awesome.

-Super Comm. Classes
With the exception of Organizational Comm. (Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!), they were more fun that any other classes that I have taken at school. For many reasons...

-Emi Time
Emi! I'm writing about you in my blog! Because I know that you read it, and because I love you, and I think you are the coolest, ever. And because you visited my in Spokane, and it was SUPES FUN.

-Being Told That I Look Like Zooey Deschanel More Than Once
Maybe? I'm just going to pretend that this is true.


  1. Yaaaay Megan! I am glad to be ONE of your new friends. :)

  2. Yaaaaaaaaay Megan! I am so happy happy happy! And I do think you slightly look like her.

  3. Dear MK,
    YES!!!! This blog makes me super happy!!!! And yes I do read all your blogs and I am so excited to be mentioned by NAME!!! Whooohooo! I had a fantastic time visiting you and I will most likely come back to Spokane when I drop off the little sister!!! =Even more great times, Donut Parade (I was day-dreaming of their maple bars the other day), Frank's Diner, and other great adventures!!! YES!!!!! And I get to see you in a few days!!!

    Love you dear friend,

  4. p.s. You do resemble the Elf girl but you are hotter.