Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here's What's Happening...

The other day, Jesca and I were talking about writing blogs (Golly, we're so HIP), and I was like "I only write on mine when I don't have enough to do" and she was like "Me too!"

So the moral of that story is that I currently do not have enough to do. The last month of school was spent in productivity and awesomeness; the last two weeks have been spent in non-productivity and awesomeness. The entire purpose of this entry is to talk about how non-productive I have been. SO here it goes:

-Yesterday, I sat in the red armchair in the living room and watched "Sex and the City" for six hours. "Sex and the City" is a completely mindless, fluffy, shallow show, which I happen to enjoy a lot. I've lately realized that being indie and artsy and deep is highly overrated.

-I took the bus downtown and walked around. I went to St. Honore and got a latte and a bag of delicious sugary egg puffs, and I sat and read a book. Then I wandered in Powells, bought books that were on sale, and got complimented on my outfit by the homeless girl on Burnside. All in all, a good day.

-I ate at least one meal out every single day last week. Consequently, I spent a big chunk of money. But I had fun with people, so I don't feel bad, and I got paid today, so things are excellent.

-Made a dinner for my parents and did the dishes. I have no car, and they have two cars, so we have a deal: I make dinner three nights a week and do the dishes, and I can use the car whenever I want and do not have to pay for gas. This is good because a.) I have spent lots of money (as previously stated..) and b.) Cooking gives me something to do that is not "Sex and the City."

-Read books. Generally, I try to go halfsies in my reading; half of the books are purely for entertainments, while the other half is of the mind-improving, literary sort. My balance has been pretty good so far.

Other things have also happened, but I don't feel like writing about them. So I won't.

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