Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Real Point

You know what's awkward? When someone walks right behind you for a semi-long period of time. Whenever this happens to me, I always: a. speed up or b. cross to the other side of the road. Because otherwise it's just WEIRD. That person has no earthly reason to be walking directly behind you. It seems like common courtesy for them to slow down or something. It's like when you're in a completely empty public bathroom. Completely empty. And someone comes in, and they go into the stall right next to you. RIGHT next to you. Out of the twenty odd stalls, why must they pick the one that makes things awkward?

Today I walked to Multnomah (in between rainstorms) and did some stuff and drank some coffee. I drank coffee for a long time, because the refills were free, and there was a minor monsoon going on. But finally, it stopped

I left.

On the way back home, I started inadvertantly following this guy. He was walking, and I was walking, and we were going exactly the same way, even though there are probably fifteen different routes through Gabriel Park that we could have been taking. But I had a way in mind. An he obviously had the same way in mind.

The result: I walked the entire way back behind this man. Maybe about twenty feet behind him, but still. Obviously following.

I hate it when I am the one that makes things awkward.

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  1. I was thinking about this concept just yesterday while I was walking at Mt. Tabor. This lady was lurking behind us, and I kept thinking, "Golly gee, this is awkward."

    But then she sped up to get past us. And then it rained on her head and she stopped under a tree, but we didn't stop because we are tough and we didn't want to awkwardly stand hear her.